Police Scotland Face Court Action For Racist, Anti-Sematic WhatsApp Messages

Irresponsible Police Scotland are not doing their jobs as usual, they are racist and unfair, locking up people because of their prejudicial perspectives. The police force is now conducting a criminal investigation into a sexual offence alleged to have been committed, by one of it’s own officers.

Scottish Police  seized the officers phone and came across WhatsApp group chats in which several other officers in its service had posted offensive messages. The messages are “blatantly sexist and degrading, racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, mocking of disability and [include] a flagrant disregard for police procedures by posting crime scene photos of current investigations.”

There are a lot of radical feminists in the Scottish police force also. Hence the number of sexual offence cases are going up which aren’t even sexual offences, it’s ironic that Police Scotland’s male officers are getting a taste of their own medicine, serves them right for hiring feminazi nutters before psychologically testing them. However prosecution of police is another story, the crooked Scottish legal system is designed to let their own walk free and the innocent to be convicted just to reach their numbers quota of convictions.

Read the full article here: https://inforrm.org/2019/08/08/case-law-scotland-b-c-and-ors-v-chief-constable-of-police-service-of-scotland-police-whatsapp-group-chats-not-private-darryl-hutcheon/

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