Jun 18, 2021


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Prosecutors File False Report Charge Against Filthy Feminist Patricia Crosby-White After It Was Discovered That She Lied About A Fake Sexual Assault That Never Happened

Boise City Prosecutors filed a misdemeanour charge of providing false information to law enforcement against Patricia Crosby-White after a Boise Police investigation.  The lying suspect, Patricia Crosby-White told Boise Police officers that an unknown male got into her vehicle without permission in a parking lot on Overland Road. Crosby-White then said the male ordered her to drive to an area in Ada County where the innocent male sexually assaulted her.

Using tips from the public, Boise Police were able to identify a possible suspect in the fake assault. After further investigation, officers obtained evidence that Crosby-White and the male subject were known to each other and had planned to meet at that location. Due to the nature of the disclosures made by Crosby-White, Boise Police Detectives conducted a detailed investigation that involved surveillance videos from the parking lot, witness interviews, social media records and other electronic messages.  Detectives worked to make sure both parties received as thorough an investigation as possible in order to ensure that justice was served.

Once the investigation was complete, the Ada County Prosecutors Office, which handles felony cases for the City of Boise, reviewed the evidence discovered during the thorough investigation and declined to file charges against the male subject.  The Boise City Prosecutors Office, which handles misdemeanour cases for the City of the Boise moved forward with filing a False Report charge against Patricia Crosby-White as a result of the false allegations made by her.

Read more; https://www.cityofboise.org/news/police/2019/may/suspect-charged-with-providing-false-information-to-law-enforcement/

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