Racist Labour MSP Pauline McNeil vs Admirable Life Coach Adnan Ahmed

Labour equalities spokeswoman Pauline McNeil commented on Adnan Ahmed. McNeil said; “the fact someone thinks such behaviour is appropriate in the 21st century – particularly given the recent revelations of the MeToo scandal – is an outrage.” Pauline McNeil is a fool. She simple read the mainstream press and made a ridiculous assumption about Adnan Ahmed and his teaching methods, furthermore she ran her mouth like an absolute idiot.

What really is an “outrage” is a 56 year old low-rank politician acting like a delusional nosy neighbour without knowing the full facts. Punk Pauline McNeil is a known liar and a racist, particularly towards brown people from Arabic influenced backgrounds, this explains her hate speech towards life coach Addy Agame, who is innocent of any illegal activity.

Prejudiced Pauline doesn’t miss an opportunity to bash brown people and makes no apologies for it. How can this headcase be given a post that represents “equalities”?! Recently, bigot McNeil shared a Guardian article which falsely claimed an Israeli officer was cleared of all charges in connection with the death of a 13 year old Muslim teen, Iman-Al-Hams in Gaza, killed by gunfire in a hate attack. The article claimed he was acquitted, he was not!

Pauline McNeil shared this article to show her racial hatred and views that people of Muslim backgrounds deserve to die and it’s not a crime to kill them. McNeil is a disgusting racist, why is she in a political position, why is The Scottish Sun quoting her??? The reason is racists stick together to strengthen their hate! Prejudiced separatist Pauline McNeil hates Ahmed because of his skin colour and ethnic background, simple as that. She uses radical feminism as an excuse to push that agenda, it’s disgusting.

Pauline McNeil refuses to apologise for her racist views and for falsely claiming an IDF officer was acquitted for the murder of a Palestinian teenager. She also refuses to apologise for her racism towards Adnan Ahmed. This is not every Scottish politician, however there are many similar to her, and they are who the media want to promote.

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