Rancid Reporter Rat Myles Bonnar Went On BBC 1Xtra (Black Music) Podcast To Justify Accusations That He Racially Targeted Innocent BAME Male Dating Coach Adnan Ahmed (Addy Agame Proven Innocent In High Court)

The BBC line up would be more suited to a Ku Klux Klan rally of white privileged white supremacist scumbags hating men that are a different ethnicity and that are masculine heterosexuals! Myles Bonnar is not qualified to discuss this as he is a spineless, blue-pill, fem-centric, conditioned simp. He desperately went onto black music exploitation channel BBC 1Xtra to justify and defend his ingrained racial targeting of innocent BAME male dating coach Adnan Ahmed aka Addy Agame!

Que the biggest beta simp from the BBC Scotland swamp, Myles Bonnar. Dancing monkey Myles’ lame act of some sort of hater of casual heterosexual sex continued on this trash podcast; with the yellow-toothed coward robotically listing his usual scripted lies from his male-feminist mouth. Failed musician Myles Bonnar is a broken record repetitively listing lies to push his negative falsehoods by selectively quoting Addy Agame and Street Attraction out-of-context.

We’re not going to go into the details of what bonehead Bonnar spewed because it’s the same old lefty twitter crap all male-feminist morons virtue-signal to trick women into sleeping with them.

Pathetic Myles was at it again, despite countless people exposing his dishonest and awful portrayal of the dating community, the spineless hack tried to justify and twist the reasons why he did what he did. We’ll save the readers the trouble. Watch and read the links below;

EPISODE 1-  ”Mainstream Media Demonisation Of Addy Agame” – https://youtu.be/EUbs7CozXyI

EPISODE 2 – ”The BBC’s Manipulation / Defamation Of Street Attraction” – https://youtu.be/fTxL7T_Kh1w

EPISODE 3 –  ”Infield Videos & False Allegations” – https://youtu.be/ztKtdE33vFU

EPISODE 4 – ”History, Society, Politics & Feminazis” – https://youtu.be/BLJK1TKK5TQ

EPISODE 5 –”Addy Agame Proven Innocent And Acquitted Of All Charges” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpdrQYa8u7A

The following links are the truth about one-trick pony and useless glory-hunting liar Bonnar, as well as truthful statements about the creep reporters disgusting existence and toxic fake news  journalism!

Addy Agame Proven Innocent, Beats False Allegations Due To Miscarriage Of Justice / No Actual Crime! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43CGp8ptitk

Adnan Ahmed aka Addy Agame Wins Appeal To Overturn Wrongful Conviction / Sentence Due To Miscarriage Of Justice And No Actual Crime To Answer To – https://redpillrights.com/adnan-ahmed-aka-addy-agame-wins-appeal-to-overturn-wrongful-conviction-sentence-due-to-miscarriage-of-justice-and-no-actual-crime-to-answer-to/


BBC Social Reporter Myles Bonnar Set Up Adnan Ahmed a.k.a Addy Agame – http://redpillrights.com/bbc-social-reporter-myles-bonnar-set-up-adnan-ahmed-a-k-a-addy-agame/

Street Attraction – Eddie Hitchens & Richard Hood Statement Regarding Weasel Reporter Myles Bonnar Framing Them To Advance His Lacklustre Career – http://redpillrights.com/street-attraction-eddie-hitchens-richard-hood-statement-regarding-weasel-myles-bonnar-framing-them-to-advance-his-lacklustre-career/

Mangina Myles Bonnar Exposed: Social Media Trolling, Manipulated Into Media Scandal & Police Case, Destroying Innocent People – http://redpillrights.com/mangina-myles-bonnar-exposed-social-media-trolling-manipulated-into-media-scandal-police-case-destroying-innocent-people/

The Deception Game: By Myles Bonnar, The Man-Child Who Made A BBC Flop-umentary Defaming Dating Coaches In Order To Kick-Start His Failed Career As A Reporter – http://redpillrights.com/the-deception-game-by-bitch-boy-myles-bonnar-the-man-child-who-made-a-bbc-flop-unmentary-defaming-dating-coaches-in-order-to-kick-start-his-failed-career-as-a-reporter/

Let’s talk about the truth Myles; a 5-part documentary was made exposing you as a liar and cheat, as well as proving Addy Agame and Street Attraction are innocent of any wrongdoing. You even tried to have it deleted from YouTube to cover your lies, but were unsuccessful. The documentary was even moved to Bitchute just encase YouTube crumbled yet again!

Myles is not intelligent, reporters rarely are, on this shoddy podcast he gives away his insecure reason for continuing his false narrative stating; “I received backlash on YouTube, the seduction community hate me, a lot of people said I was wrong on Twitter, they defended approaching women, told me I’m against natural order of men meeting women.”


  • 2 Year Sentence Is Reversed And His Lawyers Seek Compensation For His Wrongful Imprisonment

  • Taken Off The Offenders Register Due To; No Crime Taking Place, Incompetent Brainwashed Judge And Jury, And Press Corruption!

  • Whistle-Blower Rita Bruce Exposed For Creating Witch-Hunt Because She Sexually Assaulted And Racially Abused Him!

  • Judge Who “Hit Out” (At Addy Agame) Is Disciplined, Punished And Rebuked By His Superiors As Addy Wins Appeal To Have Wrongful Conviction Overturned Due To Miscarriage Of Justice Resulting From Media-Puppet Judge’s Conduct

  • Fake News Hack Creep Myles Bonnar Humiliated And Exposed As Dishonest Liar And Incapable Con-Artist Scammer Moron

  • False Accusers Proven To Be Liars And To Be Faking ‘Discomfort’ As Nothing Happened But Passing Polite Remarks

Following is our full analysis of sickening hack Myles Bonnar’s original hit-piece propaganda article;

The most important fact is justice was done and Adnan Ahmed aka Addy Agame won his appeal to overturn the wrongful convictions and sentence due to a miscarriage of justice and no actual crime to answer to!

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