Jun 16, 2020


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Scottish Prisons Overcrowded Due To Excessive Remand Of Men Awaiting Court Proceedings (Even If They Are Innocent)

The chief inspector of Scottish prisons has said she is “very concerned” that the number of inmates in Scotland is starting to exceed capacity, placing extra pressure on the system.

The prison population rose by 709 in the 2018 going from 7,413 in April to 8,122 in March 2019. Problems relating to overcrowding include staff having less time to deal with individuals, two people sharing cells that have been designed for single occupancy and prisoners being located further away from home.

The “sharp rise” in prisoners is due to factors including longer sentences for the imaginary crimes and a vast rise in the number of people being convicted of fake historic crimes due to the #metoo movement.

Many men are waiting in remand for court proceedings to begin even after the standard fully committal period of 140 days; which can now be extended to up to 2 years for some prisoners. There is no compensation for prisoners who are innocent and have had to do this remand period. The Scottish Judicial System is both corrupt and broken and bail given to prisoners is extremely limited. The Scottish Prison Service is a business, locking people up is in the justice systems best interest despite the horrid effect it has on innocent men and their families!

Read the full story here:https://news.stv.tv/politics/1440182-prisoner-numbers-starting-to-exceed-capacity-report-warns?top

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