Scots Rapper Bum Abdull Oun (AB) Staged Fake Rape Heroics, Lied About Writing For Hydro, Lied About Touring With Drake & Committed Crimes By Endangering Hundreds Of People

Abdull Oun of Ballieston / Coatbridge is a struggling underground rapper who has pathetically and desperately been trying to be famous for around 15 years now, by any dishonest means necessary!

In 2014 he went as far as coercing a female to call the Scottish newspapers and lie by saying he saved her from being raped at 2am whilst he happened to be jogging. We have recently been contacted by that same female, she still wishes to remain anonymous, however she has revealed to us that this scam was all a part of the bum rapper’s plot to gain publicity, she said; “I used to know Abdull Oun well, he paid me to call the papers and say I was attacked. He told me to say I didn’t want to call the police to cover his tracks and to cover up the lie. He even told me to say he fly-kicked the guy who has never existed and that AB left me his jacket which I was told to say I just happened to find his ID in, so I could make it look like a series of convenient coincidences to the press. I was actually surprised the press fell for it. I realise now that I shouldn’t have done this and I am really sorry for making up this lie, but I was young, vulnerable, had mental health issues and and needed the money at the time. AB was much older than me – he used and abused me.”

We can verify that there is no police record of the incident, no CCTV footage of an attack ever taking place at that date / time, no one was arrested and no attacker was found unconscious despite Oun saying he knocked the man out in the middle of the street. I suppose we are to believe after the dramatic fake knock-out Abdull left the female with his jacket (which conveniently had his ID in it) next to the unconscious body of the attacker, then continued his 2am jog. Then miraculously the girl who didn’t want to call the cops happens to call the press – yeah right, sounds like a bunch of BS! Well at least the female has admitted she lied and that Abdull Oun made her do it so he could gain free publicity. It’s a very low and desperate move from a pathetic fame starved creep rapper.

Here’s the bogus story in print;

Abdull Oun also recently lied about writing lyrics for former Scottish rap star Hydro. We managed to track Hydro down for a statement and asked him about Abdull’s lies, Hydro stated; “I didn’t know he said this until you pointed it out to me. The Glasgow Live article you forwarded to me has AB saying he wrote for me, that is a outright lie! I have never rapped or sang a single lyric that guy wrote and never would. He has never wrote any of my verses or words, ever. He wrote his own stuff, however in the article he falsely implied I was a artist signed to a label and that I liked what he wrote – again lies, as I actually owned the label and gave him a street-team pr role, he later told me he wanted to rap. AB also lied by faking involvement in my song with Busta Rhymes. The truth is he was a kid that wanted to be down like a lot of guys from a crew of refugees called the hoods, it was around 2006. I said to all of them if you do promo for me you can roll with me.”

Hydro continued; “Like I said it was after he did a whole lot of free pr to get noticed above all the other youths, that he said he wanted to rap. I said to him he should record his own stuff on a free promo mixtape of his own, he was just a pr kid on the outside of my label. Once again he has never wrote a single rap I ever said, especially not the Busta song – the writers on that piece were me, Busta Rhymes, DJ L.E.S from Nas’ camp did the beat and Illustrate from Damian Marley’s camp did the chorus. In actuality AB has stolen lyrics from me, listen to my hit from 2008 called Celebrate, I rapped ‘celebrate with me like its Friday night… my girl having my seed when the time is right’ – he stole that from me in a recent rap of his without acknowledgement, that is theft. The dates don’t lie. Check the writers credits on all my songs, he has zero on them coz he didn’t write anything of mine, my music was professionally published the info is out there to check. I haven’y heard much of his new stuff apart from the track you sent me but it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s stolen more.”

Hydro stated further; “AB also lied and said he was owed money, my label released zero songs by him. He was actually paying us to record his mixtape. I never made a penny from that, my engineer at the time Brian Barclay was charging him £20 for a few hours of recording, that’s a decent discount price and Brian kept all that money. If that boy (AB) was owed any money he could have claimed it back legally, but he can’t coz all he did was record promo material that was never released because it wasn’t good enough and failed to generate a buzz, he never sold a single unit on my label, that is a fact. I even tried to promote him by rapping on a few of his tracks that needed work to help him out, however he did not appear on any of my album releases because he simply wasn’t developed enough as an artist. I don’t understand why he’s saying my name in his lies, I wish the guy success but he shouldn’t lie about things that didn’t happen. He’s probably doing it to chase clout but lying is the wrong way to go about it.”

We also discovered Abdull lied about touring with Drake and Jay-z. Oun also lied about Kanye’s G.O.O.D Music label showing interest in him. Our source told us that he hired a pr agent (one of Hydro’s old contacts) that knows a low level employee at G.O.O.D Music and falsely tied in Kanye’s name that way.  We spoke to Kanye’s agent and he stated ‘we have no knowledge of an AB,’ we also spoke to Drake’s tour manager, he told us ‘he has never toured with Drake and we’ve had never heard of him before,’ we received a similar response from Jay-z’s camp, they told us ‘we have have no idea who this little dude is.’ The shady pr agent AB hired basically forwards made up rumours to the local Scottish tabloid press and sometimes they get printed, but the stories are publicity stunts with no truth!

AB is a wanna-be afterparty club night promoter that picks up the scraps from concert promoters who book  artists to do gigs as part of a tour in a particular city / country. Thirsty low level wanna-be promoters from that particular city (like Abdull Oun in Glasgow) try to do after parties in cheap grimy clubs for crumbs (around a 5% cut of the club night) and attach their name to that artist in order to fool the public that they are connected to their brand when they are not, they may even do a show at the club night and falsely say they toured with an artist. It’s all smoke and mirrors. This basically further exposes AB as a publicity hungry fraud scamming the public in order to promote himself.

Here is the article in which Oun lied;

Creepy Abdull has a background of selling small-time drugs for local dealers and doing petty credit card fraud. Recently the Libyan Muslim also endangered the lives of hundreds of people, that could have had a larger knock on effect of life threatening consequences for thousands of people in Scotland via the spread of Covid-19.

At Falkirk Sheriff Court the charge alleges that Oun, “did culpably and recklessly host a large party attended by in excess of 100 persons, during which social distancing guidelines were not followed, causing a risk of infection from coronavirus to those present, and to others, to the the danger of life”.

An alternative charge alleges that by hosting the event, he “failed to adhere to social distancing guidelines and restrictions on gatherings”, so breaching the Health Protection (Coronavirus) (Restrictions and Requirements) (Additional Temporary Measures) (Scotland) Regulations 2020.

The summary trial has been set for August 24 this year, with a pre-trial review on August 9.

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Sketchy Abdull Oun pretends to be from the streets, but in reality he is middle class, both of his parents are doctors. Abdull Oun also snitched on a guy that stabbed him in 2008 and had him imprisoned for 4 years, check out the article that proves Oun is a grass / snitch;

Sounds like the fakest rapper ever award goes to this AB!

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