Nov 10, 2021


by: dexter


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Sex Worker Thot Mommy Victoria Triece Banned From Volunteering At Her Sons’ School After Her X-rated Lesbian OnlyFans Page Is Discovered

Victoria Triece, 30, was axed from Orange County Public Schools ADDition volunteer program after her presence on the adult subscription site was revealed by a complaints letter.

Photos and videos of Triece show her in underwear, and embracing another scantily-clad woman on a bed.

She is no longer welcome to volunteer at Sand Lake Elementary School in Orlando, which her sons aged five and 10 attend.

The sex worker had assisted in organising class parties and helped with lab assignments for her older son’s class.

A letter sent to the OCPS said Triece was no longer welcomed at the elementary school as a classroom volunteer.

Triece is one of several recent online thot mommies to have been publicly exposed for their sex work.

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