May 06, 2021


by: dexter


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Shady Fraudster Female Shannon Marie Robbins Jailed For Falsely Accusing Male Police Officer Of Sexual Assault Because He Pulled Her Over For A Driving Violation

After a routine traffic stop, Shannon Marie Robbins (aka Shannon Burgess) took to the city police chief himself and falsely complained that she was sexually assaulted by a Waverly police officer during the encounter. We can only speculate how/why she had direct access to the police chief rather than follow the standard procedure to file a report.

Following the false complaint, however, the District Attorney’s Office was involved at the request of the chief. It took months to conclude the independent review upon which: “The investigation revealed that Mrs. Robbins fabricated the story and the Grand Jury agreed that charges should be filed in the matter,” the police chief stated.

“In this case, our officer conducted himself in a professional manner and was simply doing the job he was expected to do. Mrs. Robbins attempted to harm this officer by making a false criminal allegation against him,” he added.

Following a grand jury indictment of 33-year-old Shannon Marie Robbins on a charge of filing a false report, she was arrested and booked in the Humphreys County jail on a $10,000 bond.

If the person she accused was an ordinary citizen rather than a member of law enforcement, the probability is she would have got away with making up her evil lies. Tennessee is a state where plenty of cases like this are swept under the carpet every day due to a cultural climate of false accusers and corrupt law enforcement – the irony is that the feminists are now targeting the very men who they use as their lackies to enforce their tyranny!

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