May 22, 2020


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Sloppy Reporters At STV News Wrongly Stated; “Man Charged Over Pick-Up Artist Videos Shared Online” – This Did Not Happen, No Online Videos Were Cause For Any Charges!

STV News Report “Fake News” Story Regarding Man Appearing At Glasgow Sheriff Court 


STV News is the dumbed down Scottish version of ITV News. Fake news is not STV’s prerogative; however the amateur reporters who work for STV News quite frequently (and unknowingly) report fake news because of a lack of research, skill, professionalism and intelligence. 

In January 2019 STV News reported; “man-charged in connection with viral video that encouraged men to target women for sex in Glasgow.” This is completely false! Firstly the “viral video” was a smear/ defamation piece selectively edited out of context to push an extremely negative narrative by a dishonest BBC The Social reporter. Secondly, no videos were the cause of any “charges,” the click-bait poison piece by the BBC caused a unnecessary witch-hunt (which had no real substance) that led to round about “breach of peace” charges being brought forward because no actual crime was being committed and because police Scotland acted to appease social media hype (which is totally irresponsible and unprofessional policing). Thirdly, the man arrested did not ”encourage men to target women for sex in Glasgow,” in fact he encouraged the opposite – he stated; “Glasgow is not good for game as it lacks quality women, if you want to meet nice feminine and really good-looking women don’t game in Glasgow, instead do so in Eastern Europe!” 

STV News is a amateur outfit at best, but it really showed it’s lack of professionalism by stating; “37-year-old held after police launched investigation into YouTube clip widely shared on social media.” Again this is completely false – the cause of police investigation was not any “YouTube clip” (no charges were brought for this) – it was because of a completely prejudicial out-of-context video made by a bum journalist demonising an innocent man to advance his lacklustre career, which caused online hysteria in Scotland – nothing more. 

The idiots at STV News stated; “it followed a BBC report highlighting tactics used to pick-up women by some men.” Again incorrect – a “report” is unbiased and gives both sides of the story – the BBC Social video from January 2019 was a tactically edited alarmist piece of trash designed to cater to the #MeToo audience, demonising straight men who want to simply chat-up and date attractive feminine women and not chubby aggressive Scottish munters. Click the link below for the full story; 

The Deception Game: By Myles Bonnar: The Man-Child Who Made A BBC Flop-unmentary Defaming Dating Coaches In Order To Kick-Start His Failed Career As A Reporter;

Sexually-Jealous Manipulative Liar Myles Bonnar, Writes Prejudicial “Fame-Starved” Article For Fake News-Rag “The Telegraph,” About How He Paid To Learn How To Pick-Up Women (And Is Still A Bitter Beta Male);

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