Jun 28, 2020


by: dexter


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The BBC Is A Hypocritical Racist Institution

The BBC’s latest drama called the “Bodyguard” has its main character based on the Tory home secretary and a Muslim as the villain. The plot leans so heavily on terrorism in the UK that it is seen as representing a discriminatory image of British South Asians and Islam in general. Its dramatic end involves showing that even Muslim women can be bomb makers too.

Additionally, BBC Disclosure released a documentary created by Myles Bonnar which defamed and shamed a brown man for chatting up white women. Addy Agame’s mother was harassed by Myles Bonnar and she released a statement saying; This Myles fellow is an angry racist white man, he didn’t like the colour of my son’s skin in my opinion, especially in regards to my son speaking to white women. It’s 2019, there is no place for this type of racism and white supremacy. Myles Bonnar comes across as a shameless racist. He attacked my son’s character because he is jealous, Myles strikes me as the unlucky with women type. I feel he didn’t like the fact my son Adnan is an ethnic minority running a dating business with predominantly black staff, teaching white clients how to meet women.”

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