Jun 26, 2020


by: dexter


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The Courageous Christy O’Misty Stands Up For Men’s Rights

A young You Tuber whose account is titled Christy O’Misty did a series of videos defending men’s rights and criticising the hypocrisies of modern feminism. Her videos are truly a powerful and realistic view of the damage feminism has caused to the plight of men today. One video titled “In Defence Of Men Whats Left Of Them,” is a refreshing look at present day toxic feminism and the impact that it has had on (mainly) Western society.

Because of her work Christy O’Misty was one of the first of many casualties of the now anti-feminist movement. She was bullied, stalked and had death threats made against her. Eventually she was bullied away from YouTube.

Check her out here; https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSEPAKrloGuyKy_hKUNgGEVjSOgo0BOaI

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