Sep 19, 2019


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The Daily Mail Are A Racist And Islamophobic Publication, Behind the Defamation of Innocent People

The Daily Mail are no strangers to making totally false allegations, getting sued for making them and having to pay out large sums of money to cover their mistakes. The crass publication recently apologised and paid a substantial sum of damages to University student Farah Kouttineh for her defamation through false allegations made against her stating she was the leader of a terrorist group. The anti-Muslim Islamophobic Daily Mail were forced to admit their allegations were entirely false, additional to forking out compensation for their wrong doing. They only wrote a small correction paragraph apologising after attempting to ruin the innocent student’s life and reputation. All she did was create a “freedom of assembly rally.”

The Daily Mail’s pattern of racism towards brown people is evident. They also recently had to apologise to a Palestinian aid group charity as well as pay them £150,000 in compensation because they published false terror and extremism allegations against them. The charity denied these claims and took the newspaper to court to prove their innocence and won! They also arranged a successful protest titled, “we hate the Daily Mail,” quite rightly so.

The racially prejudiced newspaper’s hate propaganda doesn’t stop there. The Daily Mail made false allegations that the charity supported a hate festival in Gaza where kids acted out the murder of Jewish people. A disgusting accusation made by a disgusting publication.

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