The Glasgow Guardian Unfairly Demonises Glasgow University For Charity Event Raising Money For Children’s Hospital

Frumpy Feminist Monsters Hate On Beautiful Feminine Models

The Glasgow Guardian is well known for it’s crusades against respectable establishments such as Glasgow University, the university that is responsible for the majority of Scotland’s Doctors and Surgeons.

The amateur news rag slammed a charity fashion show the University held to raise money for children’s hospitals. The feminazi, discriminatory publication wrote a patronising article calling the charity event a “vanity show” as well as “vein and ego boosting.” Bullying, aggressive feminists usually shame events like this that showcase beautiful and willing women because they are insecure psychos with body image issues, are hungry for power (and cakes) and blame men/pretty women for all their troubles.

Glasgow Guardian criticised the University despite them raising £30,000 over the last 3 years, as well as volunteers working in charity shops for weeks on end and walking around in the rain for 36 hours collecting money- all for children’s hospitals. Great work Glasgow Guardian, you’re really running a tight ship of foul liars over there you scumbags.

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