May 24, 2019


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Tupac and Mike Tyson were Framed!

Tupac and Mike Tyson were Framed!

In light of recent events and the current ”#MeToo” culture, I can see how high profile men such as Tupac and Mike Tyson can be accused of crimes against women, which they did not commit and were even convicted of it. This was a rare occurrence in the past, however these days it happens regularly because of aggressive feminism and supposed victims receiving large sums of money as compensation.

The late great rapper Tupac Shakur was convicted of sexual assault and sodomy in 1995. He claimed he was innocent. Originally he was accused of rape, it was dropped to lesser charges because of a lack of evidence.

Tupac had a lot of problems with the police, media and actual gangsters. He was set-up to suit the majority, nothing was proven. The woman that accused him said he did it and it was enough to have him serve a 3 year sentence, out of which he served 1 year as he was bailed out by Deathrow Records for 1 million dollars. Tupac came back and reigned supreme in the hip-hop world. However his accuser was never brought to justice.

Mike Tyson was one of the greatest boxers of all eras in the heavy weight division. He was convicted of rape in the early nineties, accused by a female who was referred to as “a wretched swine of a woman.”

At that time Tyson was world champion and the most feared fighter on the planet. He met this lady at some sort of beauty contest and supposedly raped her afterwards. When Tyson hit his heavyweight opponents he hurt them badly within minutes. His accuser didn’t have a scratch on her. This was another case of her word versus his.

Tyson had a destructive lifestyle, the way the authorities dealt with him was to put him behind bars for around 5 years for something he didn’t do. He got out after serving 3 years plus, his career and tenacity was never the same as before. This charge ruined him and was the starting point of his demise.

Both Tupac and Mike were innocent. Their charges came about because of their fame, money and ultimately as a conspiracy to control them.

The majority of women won’t make a false rape or sexual accusation because the majority of women know it’s wrong. However there are a small minority of women that do and are destroying men’s lives.

This is not to say there are not many sick twisted men out there who actually do commit sexual crimes against women, there are and they should be punished severely as they are destroying women’s lives.

However, in this modern “#MeToo” era the lines are becoming blurred. Some people consider walking up to a woman confidently and asking for her number in order to go on a date as harassment or breach of the peace. The women who contest this would think differently about it if it happened to them. It’s how men and women meet. What’s next? Talking to girls in nightclubs will be outlawed? Guys will be afraid to approach girls they’re attracted to and girls won’t be approached by guys they’re attracted to.

We’re already in a era of social media and online dating where people are very socially awkward, anxious, scared to be politically incorrect and don’t know how to talk to other people confidently face to face without the use of alcohol, drugs or medication.

Women’s rights should be respected but men’s rights should be recognised and respected also. And women who makes false sexual accusations should be punished severely by the law.

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