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TV Critic Clown “Alison Rowat” Disastrously Reviews Flop BBC Documentary – “Disclosure: The Seduction Game,” For Fake News Rag “The Herald”

Red Pill Rights Review Rotten Article By Fabricator Alison Rowat Containing Her Warped Opinion And Not Actual Facts 

Corny TV critic clown Alison Rowat is a low intelligence couch potato that wastes her pointless existence watching far too much television than is healthy for normal mental function. Alison Rowat is an older woman, of grandmother age by the looks of it. She’s living a life of constant television watching, this is how she’s spent her many years on the planet, it’s as if she hasn’t grown up despite her mature age. Wrinkly Rowat sports a short (wanna be a man) haircut, her hobbies include even more TV watching – she confesses to love low I.Q. reality rubbish “I’m a celebrity get me out of here” and politics. All her so-called “journalistic” work is based on reviewing what’s on the idiot box. Dinosaur Rowat watched the Prince Andrew documentary, the election and “I’m a celebrity” and wrote her prehistoric warped opinion on it – no one cares Alison! Her trash articles read like the TV show “Google box,” she’s just another random nutter reacting how the TV wants her to.

Robot Rowat starts her childish article with the lowest form of wit – sarcasm, again confirming her low intelligence. Alison credits the phrase “what a time to be alive” to Twitter. How idiotic, this phrase goes back decades, when Grandma Rowat was still most likely an elder! She stated; “to sum up weariness of modern life and how low people stoop sometimes.” Not like back in your day Alison – when white supremacy and kiddy fiddling was the norm. We can picture ole Alison now, typing on her type-writer between bouts of knitting and eating scones, removing her false teeth to put together the feminazi ramblings of a supremacy obsessed has-been past her sell by date and bitter at all men for what nature bestowed on her. You should have switched the television off and lived a little bit Alison.

Alligator Alison continued; “the expression slithered to mind watching BBC Scotland documentary: Seduction Game.” You must have the mind of a serpent if things “slither” around in that ancient skull of yours Alison. There are 2 types of people in the world – those who watch life happen and those who make life happen. TV addict Alison is a definite watcher. Watchers are usually of the creepy variety – they project armchair hatred via comments and articles and never have the guts to ever make their mark on life. They are futile commentators and cowardly narcissists with nothing to offer.

The BBC flop-umentary Alison refers to is by creep Myles Bonnar, a cowardly low status creep trying to make a name for himself, by literally being a lying snitch. Cowardly racist Myles Bonnar has disappeared into nothingness again after selling himself out for fame (he has no actual skills/ talent) trying to destroy innocent men’s lives because he’s a spineless weasel who women find repulsive.

Rotten Rowat rambled on; “icy fury at behaviours of pick-up artists who hang about streets, preying on young women to get their phone numbers and eventually have sex with them.” Oh, the horror Alison – young people exchanging contact details to have consensual sex – and your point is?! Maybe your “ice fury” would disappear if you addressed your television addiction, lived in reality and not in a mental haze. In your day, arranged marriages may have been the norm, but the “modern life” you find “weary” has a different type of dating structure Alison. This is how most men and women meet in nightclubs also Alison, you need to get out of the house more often.

It is clear even with the flop-umentary’s selective, out of context editing, that the dating coaches are running a business not “hanging about.” Addy was not found guilty of “preying” on anyone, there were no charges of “preying” even lodged against him. This is another reason to sue Rowat and the media  for defamation! You don’t have any integrity or honour do you Alison – you even imply non-consensual sex, you horrible troll-like creature, it’s disgusting to accuse anyone of non-consensual sex Alison, you should be ashamed of yourself!

Sleazy Alison continued her armchair babble, stating; “only the brave get laid, said one practitioner Addy Agame, of the sleazy process known as gaming.” Firstly Alison it’s not known as “gaming,” that’s video game terminology. No one in the dating community calls it that, it’s known as “daygame.” Secondly, if you label willing consensual sex “sleazy” then you need to re-align your out-dated moral-compass to the present day old timer. Thirdly, Addy’s quote of “only the brave get laid” is valid advice for snowflake guys who can’t even hold eve contact with a female. What’s wrong with that Alison? Addy taught guys who lacked confidence and courage to talk to women, he helped those men better their love-lives. Just because Alison may prefer to sleep with spineless cowards with no backbone, doesn’t mean other women do also!

Alarmist Alison mumbled on; “recall Glaswegian from video earlier on The Social, a podcast from BBC Scotland. Along came the film about Ahmed by Myles Bonnar.” Alison you airhead it was a 4-minute smear video selectively edited with out of context quotes and a demonising narrative designed to defame Ahmed. It was not a “podcast” or “film” you idiot. BBC The Social hounded the Glasgow dating coach for months, he reached out to them and responded with a detailed explanation of his business model and background to his client base as well as the scientific reasoning behind this method of face to face daytime speed dating, which was in large ignored. Instead they used choice sentences to turn up the controversy in order to create a story and demonise an innocent man.

What dating coaches like Addy, Eddie and Richard, etc, taught clumsy social misfits like Myles is that they can learn to perceive things differently, to cut through illusions of the mind/ PC society that they believe or fear, to stop seeing imaginary problems and to learn to focus on the reality of male-female dynamics. Too often clients who think like Bonnar react emotionally, get despondent and lose perspective. Their negative perceptions invade their minds and throw off their emotional compass, resulting in social anxiety. Dating is taught as a science and an art. Human brains evolved for an environment very different from the one we currently inhabit, resulting in people carrying biological baggage (as social justice ideologies clash with basic human instincts). Humans are still primed to detect threats/ dangers that no longer exist, ie. stress of  rejection or the fight-or-flight response Myles experienced when talking to a female. Addy and Street Attraction taught that men have a choice in how they respond to this situation; to not be led by primal feelings, to understand them and learn how to filer them in order to be attractive to the opposite sex (its not trickery, it’s science and art). Bonnar truly doesn’t get it and this, along with his bitterness led to his hate-campaign and sexually jealous lies about men who he perceives as superior to him.

Myles hates men who have honed the ability to control, channel and understand primal signals because he can’t access that part of himself; Myles is a slave to his impulses, instincts, social justice conditioning and need for approval – he’s never even questioned why he is the way he is! If the  BBC Social video or Panorama / Disclosure flop-umentary was even slightly accurate; it would have shown how game is in an education / skill-set that leads to success with women. Many men from all backgrounds testify online on how they learned to control emotions, to have a positive outlook, to overcome anxiety/ depression, to enjoy the present moment and to handle situations that disturb/ limit others. Women benefit from this also, they can have healthy relationships (whether short-term or long-term) with men who have their shit together!

Rowat further fabricates the truth stating; “two million hits and one intervention by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon who told Scottish parliament she had been utterly sickened by what she seen) and the police acted…took film going viral and raised at Holyrood to get investigation moving.” Get your facts straight Alison you fool. Ahmed was already charged and in Police custody the day after the video (not “film” you clown) went viral. Sturgeon commented on it a few days later, she wasn’t the catalyst for the police to act.

Police Scotland are quoted as saying Ahmed’s behaviour was “predatory and would cause fear and alarm”, after succumbing to media pressure from aggressive online feminists and blood thirsty journalists. Initially when BBC The Social’s video degrading Adnan Ahmed went viral, Police Scotland are quoted as saying “we cannot follow up on this as there is no actual crime to investigate, no crime has been committed.” They were quick to change their tune after BBC The Social’s video gained millions of views and began a witch-hunt amongst the public because of how it was edited and how it portrayed Adnan Ahmed as a demonic sexual caricature, rather than the responsible understanding life coach that he is.

It’s totally bizarre and shockingly worrying that a country’s police force can’t withstand pressure from online trolls and can be manipulated so easily by faceless crazies on the internet. Yes, Scotland is a very small country, but that does not excuse the stupid backward policing tactics used for this matter. There should never have been an arrest in the first place. The police were aware of Ahmed’s dating business 3 years prior to BBC The Social’s hate fuelled video falsely demonising him. They spoke to Mr Ahmed about it on a number of occasions in casual conversation. Both male and female officers approved of it. There are phone calls and written police reports to confirm this.

Adnan Ahmed worked in conjunction with the police, as his job as a Criminal Justice Practitioner made this inevitable. Ahmed’s behaviour was never “predatory”. He ran an online dating business on YouTube for all to see; his clients, video demonstrations and spontaneous conversations with any women were all during the day on well populated busy city centre streets. He wasn’t hiding anything, so how can his actions be described as predatory, shameful or dangerous?

Police Scotland are supposed to investigate matters neutrally and without prejudice. Instead they contributed to the media mayhem by making comments defaming a man who is not guilty of an actual crime, but was charged, indicted and remanded regardless. The police are now trying to fish for a conviction to cover their mistakes and to not face legal action themselves. At the time of writing this, Ahmed has been on remand for the past 6 months, he has been held in custody, untried and without the option of bail since January 2019.

The Sheriff Court indictment was designed in such a way to convict Adnan Ahmed on a technicality of Scottish Law (Moorov/ corroboration) rather than using substantial hard evidence, because there is none. Ahmed is not permitted to present vital evidence that proves his innocence because of Scottish court laws that protect prosecution witnesses, even if they are lying.

As far as Nicola Sturgeon’s comment goes, she doesn’t even have the power to order an independence re-election for her own country because her boss-daddy Boris Johnson won’t allow the little woman to do so. Needy approval-seeker Myles Bonner stated; “Nicola Sturgeon said she had been shocked and appalled by what she had seen in my report,” That’s because of the falsified information you portrayed via selective editing Myles. Sturgeon later helped Ahmed’s girlfriend with vital information regarding his case afterwards which we have documented on the RPR site. Although Nicola Sturgeon’s hypocrisy is not lost in this instance as her own mentor was facing multiple rape allegations while she worked with him.

Read more: Hypocrite Nicola Sturgeon vs Addy Agame (Not Guilty!):

Rat-bag Rowat made her one and only truthful comment in her whole article outlining how amateur an outfit BBC The Social are by stating; “The Social commissions short videos, covering panic attacks to leaving the house with a toddler. Most, it is fair to say, do not rack up huge viewing figures.” Afterwards the moronic critic chunters more rubbish stating; “Police Scotland had been contacted by a whistle blower several months beforehand.” And they ignored it Alison because flirting with females is not a crime, neither is filming in a public place! The “whistle blower” Alison mentions is a drug-addict stalker who was infatuated with Ahmed and looking for revenge against him because he rejected her creepy advances. This is also why the Police ignored her, she’s a junky nut-job. Read the full story by clicking on the links below;

The police didn’t act because of online videos, they were aware of them for years, they crumbled because of media pressure because Police Scotland is a Mickey Mouse force of hick villagers. Senile Alison Rowat then goes onto make up a whole series of events straight from the seedy depths of her imagination as a fictitious back story to Ahmed’s media set-up; she stated; “story came to attention of BBC Scotland’s Disclosure, the short film for The Social developed into a half hour investigation broadened to include London and the pick-up business in general. Panorama became interested, after investigating some money, it received a version to show in the rest of the UK.” This nonsense series of events were stated by Rowat as her interpretation, not actual research or fact! In reality scum-bag reporter Myles Bonnar had planned the documentary since early 2019, but couldn’t release it until Ahmed’s trial was finished. Addy’s court date kept getting extended because of a severe lack of evidence against him, which delayed desperate Bonnar further.

Panorama got involved because the BBC have previously done documentaries on London dating coaches “Street Attraction” to smear them. Street Attraction had responded in the past by smashing The BBC clown reporters, hence why the BBC had a personal vendetta against them. The reason Myles went there was to advance his failed career – he made a vile video defaming Addy Agame that got him some fame as a slimy snitch in Scotland so he decided to repeat the formula to get UK-wide recognition. But he failed, the documentary flopped and he’s faded back to nothingness; the lonely little dwarf!

Aged Alison murmured more, making up more fabrications about the flop-umentary; “two programmes with some differences, to do with differing legal systems, aired at the same time. Two for one is modern multi-platforming way in the media too.” Shut up Alison you lying misinformed twit – only one programme aired! This one shit-show detailed dubious rubbish about 2 different legal systems ie. Scotland’s is a clown college where they can even prosecute things that are not even crimes and England won’t tolerate such bafoonary!

There was no explicit videos, no nudity and nothing pornographic – a black screen with a moaning noise is not explicit footage. We went to a higher ranked lawyer for a better factual opinion, a criminal advocate, Donna Armstrong. Here’s what she had to say;

What followed was a complete miscarriage of justice. Ahmed was wrongfully convicted of trumped up ‘Section 38 breach of the peace’ charges, as prosecutors couldn’t get him on anything else – also because the scope of this charge is so wide. It even covers raising one’s voice in a public place. Other coaches based elsewhere in the world faced no such injustice and discrimination. They face no criminal investigation, huge nationwide media scandals, remand periods in custody or convictions because England practice freedom of speech and see the reality of their videos being for teaching and business purposes. The same goes for the United States who host the biggest “pick-up” company in the world, RSD (Real Social Dynamics). Scotland on the other hand shows it’s backwards and aggressive feminist nature by actually hosting a criminal trail for men talking to women with romantic intentions, simply asking to exchange phone numbers. It is the first time this type of case has been brought into Scottish courts, which has baffled legal experts and is only taking place because of media sensationalism. Adnan Ahmed has collaborated with London coaches such as Street Attraction and Tom Torero amongst others, as well as American dating coaches such as Mr Locario, Steve the Dean, Afi King, etc. Yet again, no one else in the dating industry has faced legal backlash because they are not based in Scotland.

Lying hate-monger Rowat continued; “Bonnar spoke to two young women who had been approached by Ahmed in Glasgow. Chillingly, he had secretly filmed the encounters.” Do you just make things up Alison – only one encounter was filmed by a professional camera man, not Ahmed. “Chillingly,” you mean the same ways your seedy pals in the media do so regularly – you just lie without researching the facts. Also filming on public property is not a crime, nor was Ahmed charged for it. Sleazy news outlets do so on a daily basis (they even secretly take pictures of celebrities in their underwear) and the public do so on social media apps. Addy did so simply to teach men how to meet women.

Dim-wit Rowat continued; “stupidly, he had uploaded them to the web.” Stupidly, Alison lies again without doing her homework. Ahmed had a YouTube channel teaching dating, he did not randomly upload “them” to the web, there was no “them,” it was one interaction – in which the identity and personal details of the female were concealed! Cretin Rowat continued; “we saw one women being polite but clearly trying to distance herself from him. She explained later, trying to spare his feelings.” This is an absolute lie. This girl just stood there talking, what we clearly saw, despite the selective editing by Myles Bonnar, was Addy not saying anything offensive whatsoever! What low-life Bonnar also left out was this girl gave Addy her number willingly, as a matter of fact both of the “young women” did so, one even said so in the Disclosure flop documentary! Read the whole story via the link below;

Two flimsy accounts from two shoddy sources, both admitting to giving Addy their number. Either these people are extremely stupid or they are lying; they seem very savvy to us at RPR, more than savvy. two faced truth-twisters who knew exactly what to do and say to cover up their faults and change facts about what actually happened, that led to them giving Addy their number! Could it be that a prejudicial video made by Myles Bonnar portraying Ahmed as sinister suddenly tricked you into thinking he was. Sounds pretty consistent with this whole media circus crap that happened to Addy since January 2019.

They sound like band-wagon jumping glory-hunters. If Ahmed was dangerous why would he approach them during the day in well populated areas and ask for their phone numbers, which they consented to give him! Anyone with criminal intent would not make conversation with a phone number (in order to go on a date) as their end goal! If these women felt “vulnerable” or “unsafe” why did they consensually give their numbers to Addy? Why did they not ask or shout or scream for help? The real reason is they are making this all up to play up to the media. they’re not a victim, they’re lying drama queens that are actually hurting women who are real victims of real crimes – as well as innocent men who are simply confident and masculine!

Old lady rat Rowat continued; “Bonnar discovered a seduction industry worth, he said, £80 million. It is not clear how he arrived at such a precise figure, training courses ranging from £1500 up to £4000 abroad.” It’s “not clear” how Bonnar priced the industry because he’s a beady eyed lying scumbag, it’s actually worth a lot more (check out RSD). This is the resume of a legit and successful business Myles. Did Myles’ unsuccessful life bug him so much that he took it upon himself to use BBC propaganda to destroy other men’s livelihoods, who are self-made successes?! This shows the demand for dating advice, especially in the West! Mixed up men like Myles need the help. Dating coaches do cross promote each other’s businesses (just like other You Tubers) only if they agree/ teach similar things. There is plenty of rivalry and competition also, like with any other business. £80 million pound says it all, clients willingly pay for help because it works, it’s not a con. It is not illegal to “teach men” dating nor is it illegal to “chat-up and sleep with women.” Bonnar may find this strange because of his lack of sexual experience, for most men and women this is a normal thing. Moronic Myles sounds like a country bumpkin Scotsman star struck by London, he fails to mention he also hands over £600 of the BBC’s money (swindled from the public via TV licences) just to get to be around the good folks at Street Attraction.

Sad TV critic Alison continued; “Bonnar enrolled on a course and went to London to learn. He went undercover, consisted of shaving beard, changing name, wearing hidden camera.” This is the epitome of creepy, it’s seedy – Eddie was helping those men better their lives and Myles was there secretly filming men for his gratification. Bonnar admitted in other articles he did approach women, he selectively disguised his saying no out of “anxiety” as some sort of moral high ground! The men who “enthusiastically participated” include a doctor, a navy seal, a chef, a computer programmer and a software engineer. These are respected professionals, a lot more respected than a slimy weasel failed BBC Scotland reporter bum.

Rowat continued; “undercover, not quite serpico, but he was hardly dealing with the sharpest pencils in the case.” Alison what the hell is “serpico,” probably some old lady TV show to feed your TV addiction most likely. You are stupid Alison – you leave no doubt about that. None of these coaches had ever met, seen or spoke to Bonnar previously – the idiot didn’t even need a disguise! It’s not as if the bummy reporter is famous or even well known, he’s a up and coming bum with a failed career dying on the sidelines.

Rodent Rowat rambled on; “after rattling on for first half, drop in pace when Bonnar returned to Glasgow to show young people clips from filming. They were duly horrified and angry. Who knows why, other than filling time, we need to have such reactions when the viewer was doubtless feeling the same way.” You must have been having a senior moment there Alison, we’ll explain it to you. Sleaze Bonnar made a selectively edited flop-umentary quoting the dating coaches out of context and added a defamatory narrative. He then showed this crap to monkeys who have “woke snowflake” mentalities and are heavily influenced by everything on mainstream television (like you are Alison). This did “fill time” as you stated Alison, but it’s real purpose was to add to the “we are offended” narrative, it’s like showing a bunch of racists an inter-racial relationship film. It’s totally transparent and amateur!

You shouldn’t be “doubtless” Alison, you should question everything you see, especially on TV. The BBC don’t care about women’s rights they care about influencing minds, ratings and making money.

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Myles Bonnar is a slimy little man with no backbone. The “horrified and angry reactions” shown were to an audience he chose, no real masculine men were present. People in the know about male-female dating dynamics are “horrified” at Bonnar’s disgustingly inaccurate portrayal of the facts (we’ve included their comments on he-she Myles’ flop-umentary at the end of this article). What Myles is saying is the group of respected professional men, who want to meet attractive females, had the courage to strike up conversations with them in extremely busy, well-populated public  areas with CCTV cameras – are evil. We see how you twisted that Myles.

Is it more horrific than Myles lying about his  identity, secretly filmed men while they worked without their consent, then made fake news videos about them? Is it more horrific than stalking men via email and being a virtue-signalling male feminist that thinks women will like him and sleep with him because he fronts being a white knight lady-saver? Is it more horrific than trying to destroy another man’s life, income and family (including women and children) to get a rotten failed journalist career out of the gutter? There’s nothing horrific about it; what’s horrific is Myles Bonnar; his fake perspective, his weasel demeanour, his insecurity/ inferiority complex to heterosexual men, his little man syndrome, his fake-ass wanna-be watchdog flop-umentary, his weedy little frame, his beady eyes, his seedy beard, his sweaty palms, his lack of masculinity, his lack of balls and backbone, his hypocrisy and his actual existence as a whole is horrific!

Elderly Alison continued; “interviews, with an academic who researched the industry, added context and explanation of the law in this area.” This is garbage, you really do believe everything you see on TV don’t you Alison! This so-called “academic” isn’t qualified to give an opinion because she’s looking from the outside in. Eddie Hitchens on the other hand has over 14 years actual experience, his opinion is that of fact, not outside observation. Within the seduction industry there are numerous armchair coaches who watch every video on the subject of seduction but never actually put any theory into practice by actually talking to women. These men are ridiculed as pretenders, this “academic” is on par with them. Researchers are not experts, practitioners are. Your use of the academic’s opinion is asinine Alison, she doesn’t fully comprehend the industry – book smarts don’t equate to social skills and theory certainly is no match for experience!

Some men who hire dating coaches have extreme social problems, mental health issues and emotional blocks. To start with these particular clients…will be given lines/ routines. However after repeated exposure to human interactions they are told to drop the training wheels and become free-flowing spontaneous and naturally witty in their interactions, reacting on a spur of the moment basis. Again a “blueprint” is taught to start with due to the biologically logical nature of male brains in order for them to understand on a methodical level. After that a transition to an emotional/ intuitive level is taught in order to internalise seduction as part of who they are.

The academic’s recognition of game being taught in “public places’ ‘ inadvertently highlights the fact that it is done in the open in a safe way with witnesses around. Addy met his girlfriend via daytime dating, Eddie met his girlfriend in this way also, as have hundreds of thousands of other clients and coaches. Many women have also testified online as welcoming this type of dating, no women were ever forced to do anything – some stay and talk, others walk away, it really is that simple! Additionally there has never been a “PUA” related sexual assault or rape conviction, ever! Also Myles did approach women off camera, he admits it in his flop-umentary. Technically he himself should be charged with “breach of the peace” in Scotland, the sneaky little midget.

Crass Rowat continued; “Bonnar supplied chase down at end, confronting his tutors with a confidence that hinted he will go far in investigative journalism.” Alison may have fallen asleep and dreamt this. Bonnar looked like an anxiety ridden teenager – the “chase down” wasn’t so, it was more of a “sneak-up” or “stalk.” All it showed was how low the bummy reporter is willing to stoop to attempt to destroy innocent people’s lives in order to kick-start his lacklustre career. Following is what actually happened; compulsive falsifier Bonnar continued his social justice act (disguising his motives of career advancement). Myles stalked, secretly filmed, lied, misquoted (out of context) and went to “challenge” Street Attraction. A challenge is one man against another; how about Myles pulls his skirt up, puts some gloves on and gets in the ring with Eddie, Addy or Richard – if he really wants a “confrontation of challenge.”

Myles stalked a man who didn’t want to speak to a lying fool like him, then snuck up on him with a camera crew while he was working (helping other men). Eddie did look angry, but kept a dignified manner intact. Myles was only brave because it was being filmed, the little Scottish hick doesn’t have the backbone to step up by himself man to man. Eddie was right to be angry as Bonnar was making up accusations out of thin air. No females have ever accused Hitchens of ever “pressuring” them into anything. Eddie has never been linked to anything “non-consensual” or “rape,” ever! There are thousands of clients and hundreds of women who can back up what he said.

Eddie only told clients to pursue women over the age of consent, never anyone underage, again he has no history of this ever! Even in Myles’ flop-umentary Eddie said to find out age first. Eddie’s statement was again true. Street Attraction are responsible for helping hundreds of thousands of men. They taught self-development as well as dating, Bonnar chose to demonise them to advance his bummy no-go career. Bonnar and the BBC’s lawsuits are piling up as Ahmed’s appeal is in progress and he will also sue the dishonest organisation.

Bonnar filmed Street Attraction over a prolonged period of time and selectively edited certain quotes to fit his demonising narrative, just like he did to Addy in January 2019 in his vile BBC Social justice/ racial hate video! You should show all the footage Myles, so people can see the truth, not the lies you choose to show. Any conversation can be edited selectively with a narrative added to make any said person look bad, it’s basic school-boy shit – people see through it Myles!

Richard Hood is correct in what he said he taught, ask his clients, they are the people taking the piss out of Myles online. Also until proven otherwise, Richard is to be taken at his word. And even if someone was filmed on public property without consent, it is not illegal – the media do so on a daily basis! Richard totally owned Bonnar and sent him reeling during the ambush. Richard had bright eyes, a warm smile and open arms whilst talking to the pouting drama-queen Myles. Richard said to Bonnar; “I haven’t given you consent to film this,” to which Myles stuttered and mumbled saying, “It’s not the uh, same thing.” Yes it is you fool, it’s actually worse. Street Attraction protected the identities of anyone they may have filmed, you on the other hand Myles lie and demonised them in order to advance your failed career. Hood then said to Bonnar; “I love the BBC, I love you Myles, give me a hug,” to which Myles walked away bitched out and beaten like a child having a tantrum, sensing he was being taunted, ridiculed and mocked. Myles took the piss out of himself via his sexually frustrated incel demeanour, Richard just played it cool and laughed at the little snitch!

When people like Myles panic, they make social mistakes, become shaken and stop thinking clearly. They react to primal survival hormones coursing through their veins – this is the source of your women problems Myles. Bonnar blames his emotional freak-outs on external sources, ie. dating coaches/ PUA’s, because it’s easier than dealing with his glaring flaws. This panic has to be trained out and doesn’t go easily – especially for beta male losers like Myles living in denial. Addy and Street Attraction helped men who were honest enough with themselves to get help, to solve this.

Rhinoceros Rowat continued; “one said – it’s disgusting what you guys do, without a trace of irony.” There is nothing ironic about this comment. The press are disgusting smut-peddling hypocrites who exploit anyone they can for a story, even women. Any sane person would have said what Eddie said as he wasn’t doing anything untoward, he was simply running an innovative dating business helping men who needed it and sought it out of their own accord. Dating coaches like Street Attraction and Addy taught their clients a series of exposure therapy exercises in varying levels of difficulty; from simple daunting approaches, until they did it so many times that it became as second nature as breathing. Making it natural and familiar, removing uncertainty, leading to confidence through experience. Fear is relieved by authority. Training is authority, it’s a release valve. With enough exposure, ordinary and innate fears are ironed out. Unfamiliarity is eliminated, which in turn increases tolerance to stress/anxiety/ uncertainty.

Repulsive Rowat ended her trash article by stating; “as for Ahmed, convicted of threatening and abusive behaviour. Just goes to show bigger things from short films can grow.” No Alison, it just goes to show the absolute farce that the Scottish legal system and in-bred Scottish media vultures are – that a man can be set-up and convicted of something that is not actually a crime! The English on the other hand show common sense and won’t even entertain this dumb garbage in a court of law!

In reality Ahmed was wrongfully convicted by a biased jury who were influenced by an online social media campaign and horrible selective press reporting during every turn of his trial (by Scottish media scum). Even though it was clearly stated in court; “this is not a crime; being confident is not a crime, having a conversation is not a crime, witness is unreliable, asking someone out is not a crime, if you have any inclination of reasonable doubt – he’s innocent, people’s perspectives were skewed by how Ahmed was portrayed in a online/ media hate campaign.” Ahmed was actually wrongfully convicted of ‘section 38 breach of the peace’ which is equivalent to raising one’s voice too loud outdoors, absolute madness!

Here’s how the jury process works in Scotland, there is no screening for racist, feminist, prejudice or psychiatric deficiencies (unlike the USA). 15 members of the public are selected at random and simply told, “don’t go on social media or media” without any enforcement or checks conducted during the trial. Ahmed’s jury was made up of 9 females and 6 males (some of which were programmed by the media to hate him, some pudgy beta males and some angry overweight feminists), the wrongful non-majority “guilty” verdict will be appealed and overturned in the next few months as no crime was actually committed! Ahmed maintains his innocence, 13 charges were dropped before the bias jury got a chance to deliberate on them. Adnan Ahmed did not receive a fair trial and is not guilty of any criminal conduct!

The jury and accusers are asked to take an “oath to God” to ensure an unbiased testimony, without individuals even being screened to see if they even believe in God (in an age of rampant atheist beliefs). It’s a ridiculous board-game style set-up, this is not justice, it’s a farce!

It is the aim of the clowns in the Scottish press to dehumanise Adnan Ahmed, objectify him, troll him and discredit his reputation to write scandalised, sensationalised lies as news stories. They did not write about his girlfriend and his mother being present to support him during the trial, as well as various male and female well-wishers and supporters dropping in and out during the proceedings. They did not report whole testimonials, only select words to demonise Ahmed further. The press even reported incidents Ahmed was found “not guilty” of after the trial finished. This is further grounds for him to sue for defamation!

The Herald, as dodgy as it is with its sick propaganda, will sack you for making up stories to con readers out of their hard earned cash. Slimy reptilian tactics employed by ducker and diver Alison Rowat are very obviously evident.