Jun 07, 2020


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UK Newspaper “The Guardian” Exposed For Reporting Fake News; Then Apologise For Lying About Russian Media Being Anti-Muslim

Months after the UK’s Guardian newspaper wrongfully accused the Russian News agency Sputnik of doctoring an image to amplify an anti-Muslim narrative – it finally issued an apology.

The Guardian posted fake news about this so called doctored image with the headline; “Muslims celebrated the destruction of Notre Dame.” They stated the picture went viral and there was obvious editing. The photo showed the burning of Notre Dame and two men smiling while going under some security tape. One of the men in the doctored photo came forward stating; “We’re architecture students, we wanted to see what was happening with our own eyes. As we were going under the security tape it caught my face and made us smile.”

Months later the Guardian finally released an apology to the Russian News agency Sputnik stating; “We have been contacted by the copyright owner of the photo, Sputnik France, and accept that it had not been doctored; we apologise for suggesting otherwise.”

George Galloway stated that, “the lie, because that’s what is was, that they published went around the world and was greatly to the damage of RT and the two individuals in the photograph who were not Muslim extremists…. journalism as a whole doesn’t do much fact checking if the story that they are running fits into their overarching narrative.”

Read the full story here; https://www.rt.com/shows/news/465954-rtnews-august-07-12msk/

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