Dec 06, 2019


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UK Political Correctness And Feminism Cause For UK Child Abuse (Female Genital Mutilation)

In the UK currently, child abuse cases based on faith and beliefs have risen by a third in the last year. Increasing factors of child abuse are witchcraft and black magic. Councils have stated that they are handling around 38 cases per week for using witchcraft and black magic on children. Along with this the number of female genital mutilations occurring on children in the UK has also risen with around 1000 cases in 2018-2019.

These rising numbers of child abuse have been found to be mostly related to individuals who have come from abroad. The British government is now being accused of turning a blind eye, over fears they could face accusations of racism. Political correctness has stopped the British government from acting and putting a stop to child abuse using witchcraft and black magic.

The co-founder of global partnership to end FGM stated; “I’m so angered by these figures. For so long the political power that black people have had has been dismissed…People are scared to tackle FGM and witchcraft as they’re scared of being accused of racism – but it’s racist to ignore it. It’s more racist to look away…It really hurts that we still have to tell people that black kids need protecting.”

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