UK Rap Legend Dizzee Rascal Wrongfully Convicted Of False Allegations Of Domestic Abuse Made By His Clout Chasing Bitter Ex (She Was Withholding Custody Of His Children From Him Because He Dumped Her)

The legendary UK hip-hop / grime artist Dizzee Rascal, real name Dylan Mills, was wrongfully convicted of false allegations of assaulting his clout chasing bitter ex Cassandra Jones (who has two children with rapper) following an unfair trial. This is a regular state of affairs in a gender bias UK court system which is designed to favour women over men, even when they are lying.

His ex took to the media after the wrongful conviction and milked the attention and clout – before this no-one knew who she was and in a few months no-one will remember who she is, enjoy the cheap thrill lady. No doubt your kids will question why you did this to their father when they get older and why you used them as a weapon against him because he no longer wanted to be with you! They split up in February 2021.

UK Rap Superstar Dizzee is known for chart-topping hits including Bonkers and Dance Wiv Me, as well his massive buzz on the scene in general, along with him winning the Mercury Prize in 2003 for his debut album, Boy In Da Corner.

Mr Mills was frustrate over custody arrangements regarding their children and the pair had an argument when he dropped off their daughter because his bitter ex was withholding custody of his kids from him due to the relationship ending.

Mills was said to have come into the home trying to talk sense into his ex and her mother.

Mr Mills gave a prepared statement in a police interview, correctly denying the false allegations and claiming it was he who had been assaulted by his ex.

Champion boxer David Haye, who has known Mills for 10 years, gave a statement to the court describing the musician as “calm and collected” as evidence of his good character during the trial.

This is yet another example of how fathers are experiencing injustice due to being alienated from their children by bitter women who are emboldened by a corrupt justice system.

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