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Warped Weirdo Woman Kellie Bartlett Pleads Guilty To False Rape Allegation Against Innocent Male Deputy And To Stalking Him After She Was Released On Bail For Initial False Accusation

Sentencing has been delayed for a warped weirdo woman who pleaded guilty to lying about being raped by an innocent Eaton County Sheriff’s Office male deputy.

Vile Kellie Bartlett initially faced 16 charges, some of which were related to her clerk job at the Eaton County Sheriff’s Office. Bartlett pleaded guilty to false report of a felony, unauthorised access to a computer, identity theft, stalking and lying to a police officer.

Bartlett filed a complaint with Michigan State Police falsely reporting the deputy had sexually assaulted her. The investigation, however, determined Bartlett was a “willing and consenting partner in this act,” Michigan State Police Detective Sgt. Erik Darling testified in a hearing that led to criminal charges.

She and the deputy began a relationship in late 2015, and ended the relationship in spring 2017. Once their relationship ended, Bartlett began stalking the deputy, Darling said.

Throughout the summer of 2017, Bartlett sent “numerous harassing and threatening text messages to him,” despite repeated requests to stop, Darling testified.

After charges were filed, Bartlett again stalked the deputy, prosecutor Nakfoor Pratt said. This led to the additional aggravated stalking charge.

The police further made the determination that her allegations were fabricated, in part, because of texts she exchanged with her husband the morning after she said she was raped.

The texts were “sexual in nature and mock(ed) the sexual encounter she had with (the deputy),” Darling said at a hearing that led to criminal charges for Shane Bartlett, Kellie’s husband. Shane Bartlett is the former police chief of Potterville.

“Had (Kellie) Bartlett been a victim of (sexual assault), these messages could be considered so grossly inappropriate as to shock the conscience,” Darling said.

Nakfoor Pratt said Bartlett continues to not take responsibility for her actions and blame others. Her treatment needs to involve owning up to what she did, Nakfoor Pratt said. “The bottom line is, (the deputy) did not deserve what happened to him, (Bartlett’s actions) are absolutely unacceptable by society and are unacceptable by criminal standards.”

Kellie Bartlett worked at the sheriff’s office from 2008 through December 2017, when she was fired. She was in a relationship with the deputy from late 2015 through spring 2017. After they broke up, she began stalking the deputy. She repeatedly tried to contact him and his then-girlfriend, who is now his wife, despite repeated requests to stop. That is the real reason she made up the lies!

The identity theft charge is for faking a note from a physician in order to receive compensation for time off from the Eaton County Sheriff’s Office

Bartlett initially was charged with:

  • Five counts of using a computer to commit a crime
  • Two counts of identity theft
  • Three counts of unauthorised access to a computer
  • Conspiracy to commit identity theft
  • False report of a felony
  • Two counts of stalking
  • Intentional dissemination of sexually explicit visual material
  • Aggravated stalking

Male-feminist Shane Bartlett was charged with misconduct in office, lying to a police officer and false report of a felony. His charges are connected to his wife’s charge of filing a false rape report.

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