Nov 08, 2021


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Woke Mob Try To Cancel Superstar Comedian Dave Chappelle, But Fail Miserably As His Popularity Soars

Superstar comedian Dave Chappelle said distributors and film festivals ‘won’t touch’ his documentary amid unwarranted controversy surrounding his hilarious Netflix special ‘The Closer’.

Chappelle posted to Instagram; ‘This isn’t about the LGBTQ movement’. Chappelle said ‘the media frames it as me versus that community,’ but the conflict stems from ‘corporate interests, and what I can say and cannot say’.

‘Thank god for Ted Sarandos at Netflix, he’s the only one who didn’t cancel me yet,’ Chappelle said in the Instagram video.

Chappelle and Netflix have unfairly faced backlash from the woke mob / LGBTQ community for intelligent statements made in his latest epic special.

In the stand-up special Chappelle joked about JK Rowling’s statement that transgender women were not actually women, which is true – they are biological men who wear women’s clothing and take hormones.

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