Aug 31, 2020


by: dexter


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“Woke” Cult Designed To Separate Everyday People By Policing Language, Symbols And Ideas

We are seeing the rise of a new secular religion and it’s called “wokism.” At the moment in its short history it’s cover-up goal is to end racism. Why? Well everything is now considered racist. The believers in this ”wokist” cult demand obedience and self-criticism but we are really never told how racism is to be eradicated or how it helps serve the interest of working people of all colours.

This new woke cult movement is anchored in the social justice snowflake present, any past is considered dirty and must be wiped away. How can we address inequality and equity’s without knowing the structural process that created it in the first place and that’s all-in history! The woke cult are the real racists, sexists and separatists. Social justice activists are criminals and do not back their dumb causes with scientific fact. Gender is not a social construct, feminism is toxic and all lives matter regardless of the colour of a persons skin!

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